Rewrite the OS, Change the World

We are at one of the most exciting moments in history. At no other time has the distance between imagination and creation been so narrow. We now have the power to build the kind of world we could previously only dream of. With new tools such as 3D printing, genomics, machine intelligence, software, synthetic biology and others, we can now make in days, weeks or months things that previous innovators couldn’t possibly create in a lifetime. Where da Vinci could sketch, today we can build. And yet, there are still so many problems that we haven’t begun to solve, so many rich opportunities that lie in wait.

The stakes have never been higher. Our increasingly interconnected world and the rapid pace of advancement have afforded us the chance to leapfrog over previous limitations while placing us in perilous and polarizing circumstances. Some countries march forward in prosperity, while others can’t meet basic needs. Our planet is running out of resources. Our healthcare, medical research and pharmaceutical industries are faced with global pandemics, drug-resistant bugs and other health crises, yet we are hampered by structural deficiencies in research, the interpretation and sharing of data, as well as testing and discovery of new treatments.

Read the full manifesto on Medium, from October 20, 2014.