Letting the Mind Explore to Accomplish Goals

Earlier this year, I spoke with Inc., for its Playbook series about a number of topics. The latest one posted is about the importance of uninterrupted time in the day, to focus on goals and let the mind explore:



"Every day, I establish goals for myself ... within the context of my weekly and my monthly goals. But everything else is subordinate to the things I want to accomplish today. I don't want to be ruled by the ephemeral or by the immediacy, I try to avoid the quick dopamine hits of answering an email or doing a quick phone call. I want to work on projects that have long-term impact.

I need extended periods of time to really get into flow. And when I'm interrupted and have these little bits of effort, it doesn't work. So I really need to focus on exactly what I want to get done.

Lately, from 8am to 11am everyday, I just write. Everything else is turned off. I don't respond to any emails; I don't take phone calls. It's just me and my piece of paper, and I write ideas, I write different articles. So I love that time by myself in my head to explore things that I maybe wouldn't discover otherwise if I was so busy doing things all the time. I have epiphanies when I do that kind of work. And having that extended period of time to really work hard is satisfying..."

Full video is also available on Inc.