EXPLORATIONS: Creators of Humanity’s Future

Producing the video EXPLORATIONS has been a labor of love and intensely personal. I was raised within a belief system that taught me the world was fixed, predestined to evolve along a certain path. My responsibility was to play by the rules, not become a creator of them. The discovery that we can program our existence and author our own lives has radically altered my life — transforming my identity, aspirations, and reason for existence.

It’s my hope that EXPLORATIONS will start a larger conversation about our individual aspirations and collective purpose. We can architect and work towards building any world we imagine, for ourselves and future generations.

For humanity to flourish, we’ll need to roll up our sleeves, with tools of creation in hand, and get to work. The future will not write itself.

Share your vision of #TheWorldWeBuild and help us start the conversation.


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