Authoring Life as an Entrepreneur

Authoring life as an entrepreneur

There’s something profoundly moving, almost magical, about seeing an idea begin to take on a life of its own — creating something from nothing. With this in mind, I hired a graffiti artist to spray paint a mural in our office: Gandalf from Lord of the Rings on one side; Harry Potter on the other (stories that resonated at the time with my children). Potter’s wand and Gandalf’s staff are exploding with energy. Above, there’s an open book, a floating pen and the word “Dream.”

Rowling and Tolkien used the tool of words to create worlds from blank pages. To me, the beauty and promise of entrepreneurship is that you get to author your world in much the same way. You determine the people you hire, the culture you create, the products you design, and your reason for existence.

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